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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Aletris farinosa Colic root Nartheciaceae Aletris
Allium canadense Wild garlic Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium canadense var. canadense Wild garlic Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium cepa Garden onion Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium cernuum Nodding wild onion Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium sativum Garlic Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium sativum var. sativum Garden garlic Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium schoenoprasum Wild chives Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium stellatum Cliff onion; Prairie onion Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium tricoccum Ramps Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium tricoccum var. burdickii Wild leek; Narrow-leaved ramps Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium tricoccum var. tricoccum Wild leek; Broad-leaved ramps Amaryllidaceae Allium
Allium vineale Field garlic Amaryllidaceae Allium
Asparagus officinalis Garden asparagus Asparagaceae Asparagus
Camassia angusta Wild hyacinth; Late-blooming wild hyacinth Asparagaceae Camassia
Camassia scilloides Wild hyacinth; Early-blooming wild hyacinth Asparagaceae Camassia
Chamaelirium luteum Fairy wand; Devil's-bit Melanthiaceae Chamaelirium
Clintonia borealis Bluebead; Yellow bluebeard-lily Liliaceae Clintonia
Convallaria majalis Lily-of-the-valley Asparagaceae Convallaria
Convallaria majalis var. majalis Lily-of-the-valley Asparagaceae Convallaria
Erythronium albidum White adder's tongue; White trout lily Liliaceae Erythronium
Erythronium americanum Yellow adder's tongue Liliaceae Erythronium
Erythronium americanum subsp. americanum Yellow trout lily Liliaceae Erythronium
Galanthus nivalis Snowdrop Amaryllidaceae Galanthus
Hemerocallis fulva Orange day lily Xanthorrhoeaceae Hemerocallis
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Lemon day lily; Yellow day lily Xanthorrhoeaceae Hemerocallis
Hosta ventricosa Blue hosta Asparagaceae Hosta
Hyacinthoides hispanica Spanish bluebell Asparagaceae Hyacinthoides
Hyacinthoides nonscripta Lineless squill; Common blue squill Asparagaceae Hyacinthoides
Hymenocallis occidentalis Spider lily Amaryllidaceae Hymenocallis
Hypoxis hirsuta Yellow star grass Hypoxidaceae Hypoxis
Leucojum aestivum Summer snowflake Amaryllidaceae Leucojum
Lilium canadense Canada lily Liliaceae Lilium
Lilium lancifolium Tiger lily Liliaceae Lilium
Lilium michiganense Michigan lily Liliaceae Lilium
Lilium philadelphicum Prairie lily; Wood lily Liliaceae Lilium
Lilium superbum Superb lily; Turk's-cap lily Liliaceae Lilium
Maianthemum canadense Canada mayflower Asparagaceae Maianthemum
Maianthemum racemosum Feathery false solomon seal Asparagaceae Maianthemum
Maianthemum racemosum subsp. racemosum Feathery false solomon seal; Feathery solomon's-plume Asparagaceae Maianthemum
Maianthemum stellatum Starry false solomon seal; Starry solomon's-plume Asparagaceae Maianthemum
Medeola virginiana Indian cucumber root Liliaceae Medeola
Melanthium virginicum Bunch flower Melanthiaceae Melanthium
Melanthium woodii False hellebore; Wood's bunchflower Melanthiaceae Melanthium
Muscari botryoides Common grape hyacinth Asparagaceae Muscari
Muscari neglectum Bluebottle; Starch grape hyacinth Asparagaceae Muscari
Narcissus incomparabilis ×[N. poeticus ×N. pseudonarcissus Nonesuch daffodil Amaryllidaceae Narcissus
Narcissus medioluteus ×[N. poeticus ×N. tazetta] Primrose peerless Amaryllidaceae Narcissus
Narcissus poeticus Poet's narcissus Amaryllidaceae Narcissus
Narcissus pseudonarcissus Daffodil Amaryllidaceae Narcissus
Nothoscordum bivalve Crow poison Amaryllidaceae Nothoscordum
Ornithogalum nutans Nodding star-of-bethlehem Asparagaceae Ornithogalum
Ornithogalum umbellatum Common star-of-bethlehem Asparagaceae Ornithogalum
Polygonatum biflorum Small solomon's seal Asparagaceae Polygonatum
Polygonatum pubescens Downy solomon's seal; Hairy solomon's-seal Asparagaceae Polygonatum
Scilla siberica Siberian squill Asparagaceae Scilla
Stenanthium gramineum Featherbells; Eastern featherbells Melanthiaceae Stenanthium
Triantha glutinosa Sticky false asphodel Tofieldiaceae Triantha
Trillium cernuum Nodding trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium erectum Ill-scented trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium erectum ×T. flexipes Trillium hybrid Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium flexipes Declined trillium; Drooping trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium grandiflorum Large white trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium nivale Snow trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium recurvatum Red trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Trillium sessile Sessile trillium Melanthiaceae Trillium
Uvularia grandiflora Large-flower bellwort Colchicaceae Uvularia
Uvularia perfoliata Perfoliate bellwort Colchicaceae Uvularia
Uvularia sessilifolia Merrybells; Sessile-leaved bellwort Colchicaceae Uvularia
Zigadenus elegans White camass; White death-camas Melanthiaceae Zigadenus
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