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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Lemna aequinoctialis Three-nerved duckweed Araceae Lemna
Lemna gibba Swollen duckweed Araceae Lemna
Lemna minor Small duckweed Araceae Lemna Specimens Available
Lemna minuta Dinky duckweed; Least duckweed Araceae Lemna Specimens Available
Lemna obscura Purple duckweed Araceae Lemna
Lemna perpusilla Least duckweed; Minute duckweed Araceae Lemna
Lemna trisulca Forked duckweed Araceae Lemna Specimens Available
Lemna turionifera Perennial duckweed Araceae Lemna
Lemna valdiviana Pale duckweed Araceae Lemna
Spirodela polyrhiza Great duckweed Araceae Spirodela Specimens Available
Wolffia borealis Spotted water meal; Dotted watermeal Araceae Wolffia
Wolffia braziliensis Nippled water meal; Pointed watermeal Araceae Wolffia
Wolffia columbiana Globose water meal; Common watermeal Araceae Wolffia Specimens Available
Wolffiella gladiata Blade duckweed; Sword bogmat Araceae Wolffiella Specimens Available
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