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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Commelina communis Common day flower; Asiatic dayflower Commelinaceae Commelina
Commelina diffusa Climbing day flower; Creeping dayflower Commelinaceae Commelina
Commelina erecta Deam's day flower; Erect dayflower Commelinaceae Commelina
Commelina virginica Virginia day flower Commelinaceae Commelina
Tradescantia bracteata Long-bracted spidewort; Sticky spiderwort Commelinaceae Tradescantia
Tradescantia ohiensis Common spiderwort; Smooth spiderwort Commelinaceae Tradescantia
Tradescantia subaspera Broad-leaved spiderwort Commelinaceae Tradescantia
Tradescantia virginiana Virginia spiderwort Commelinaceae Tradescantia
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