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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Alnus glutinosa Black alder; European alder Betulaceae Alnus
Alnus incana Speckled alder Betulaceae Alnus
Alnus incana subsp. rugosa Speckled alder Betulaceae Alnus
Alnus serrulata Common alder; Smooth alder Betulaceae Alnus
Betula alleghaniensis Yellow birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula nigra River birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula odorata European white birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula papyrifera Paper birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula pendula European weeping birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula populifolia Gray birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula pumila Dwarf birch Betulaceae Betula
Betula ×purpusii [B. alleghaniensis ×B. pumila] Hybrid dward birch Betulaceae Betula
Carpinus caroliniana Blue beech; American hornbeam Betulaceae Carpinus
Carpinus caroliniana subsp. virginiana Blue beech Betulaceae Carpinus
Corylus americana American filbert; American hazelnut Betulaceae Corylus
Ostrya virginiana Hop hornbeam; Ironwood Betulaceae Ostrya
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