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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Berberis aquifolium Holly-leaved barberry Berberidaceae Berberis
Berberis canadensis Allegheny barberry; American barberry Berberidaceae Berberis
Berberis repens Oregon holly grape Berberidaceae Berberis
Berberis thunbergii Japanese barberry Berberidaceae Berberis
Berberis vulgaris Common barberry; European barberry Berberidaceae Berberis
Caulophyllum thalictroides Blue cohosh Berberidaceae Caulophyllum
Jeffersonia diphylla Twinleaf Berberidaceae Jeffersonia
Podophyllum peltatum May apple Berberidaceae Podophyllum
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