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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Argemone mexicana Mexican prickly poppy Papaveraceae Argemone
Argemone polyanthemos White prickly poppy; Short-horned white prickly-poppy Papaveraceae Argemone
Chelidonium majus Celandine Papaveraceae Chelidonium
Macleaya cordata Plume poppy Papaveraceae Macleaya
Papaver dubium Long-headed poppy; Garden poppy Papaveraceae Papaver
Papaver orientale Oriental poppy Papaveraceae Papaver
Papaver rhoeas Corn poppy Papaveraceae Papaver
Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot Papaveraceae Sanguinaria
Stylophorum diphyllum Celandine poppy; Wood poppy Papaveraceae Stylophorum
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