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Plant species within the GENTIANACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our GENTIANACEAE family page.
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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Bartonia paniculata subsp. paniculata Panicled screwstem; Twining screwstem Gentianaceae Bartonia
Bartonia virginica Yellow screwstem Gentianaceae Bartonia
Centaurium erythracea Common centaury; European centaury Gentianaceae Centaurium
Centaurium pulchellum Showy centaury; Branched centaury Gentianaceae Centaurium
Frasera caroliniensis American columbo Gentianaceae Frasera
Gentiana alba Pale gentian; Yellow gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana andrewsii Closed gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana andrewsii var. andrewsii Closed bottle gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana andrewsii ×G. saponaria   Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana curtisii ×[G. alba ×G. puberulenta]   Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana puberulenta Downy gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana saponaria Soapwort gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana saponaria var. saponaria Soapwort gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentiana villosa Hairy gentian Gentianaceae Gentiana
Gentianella quinquefolia Stiff gentian Gentianaceae Gentianella
Gentianella quinquefolia subsp. occidentalis Stiff gentian Gentianaceae Gentianella
Gentianopsis crinita Fringed gentian Gentianaceae Gentianopsis
Gentianopsis procera Lesser fringed gentian Gentianaceae Gentianopsis
Obolaria virginica Pennywort Gentianaceae Obolaria
Sabatia angularis Rose gentian; Square-stemmed rose-gentian Gentianaceae Sabatia
Sabatia campanulata Four-angled rose gentian; Slender rose-gentian Gentianaceae Sabatia
Swertia caroliniensis American columbia Gentianaceae Swertia
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