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Plant species within the EUPHORBIACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our EUPHORBIACEAE family page.
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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Acalypha deamii Two-seeded mercury; Two-seeded copperleaf Euphorbiaceae Acalypha
Acalypha gracilens Slender three-seeded mercury; Slender three-seeded copperleaf Euphorbiaceae Acalypha
Acalypha ostryifolia Three-seeded mercury; Rough-podded copperleaf Euphorbiaceae Acalypha
Acalypha rhomboidea Three-seeded mercury; Common three-seeded copperleaf Euphorbiaceae Acalypha
Acalypha virginica Three-seeded mercury; Virginia three-seeded copperleaf Euphorbiaceae Acalypha
Chamaesyce geyeri var. geyeri Geyer's spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce glyptosperma Smooth creeping spurge; Rib-seeded mat-spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce humistrata Spreading spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce maculata Spotted creeping spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce nutans Nodding spurge; Erect mat-spurge; Eyebane Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce polygonifolia Seaside spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce prostrata Prostrate mat-spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce serpens Round-leaved spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Chamaesyce vermiculata Hairy spurge Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce
Croton capitatus Hogwort Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton capitatus var. capitatus Hogwort; Woolly croton Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton capitatus var. lindheimeri Woolly croton Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton glandulosus var. septentrionalis Sand croton; Tooth-leaved croton Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton lindheimerianus Round-leaved wooly croton Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton lindheimerianus var. lindheimerianus Round-leaved wooly croton Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton michauxii var. elliptica Rushfoil; Elliptical rushfoil Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton monanthogynus Prairie tea Euphorbiaceae Croton
Euphorbia commutata Tinted spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia corollata Flowering spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia cyathophora Painted leaf Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia cyparissias Cypress spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia davidii David's spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia dentata Toothed spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia esula Wide-leaved leafy spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia marginata Snow-on-the-mountain Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia peplus Petty spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia platyphyllos Broad-leaved spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia spathulata Blunt-leaved spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Euphorbia virgata Narrow-leaved leafy spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Phyllanthus caroliniensis Dainties Euphorbiaceae Phyllanthus
Phyllanthus caroliniensis subsp. caroliniensis Carolina leaf-flower Euphorbiaceae Phyllanthus
Ricinus communis Castor bean Euphorbiaceae Ricinus
Tragia cordata Tragia; Heart-leaved noseburn Euphorbiaceae Tragia
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