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Plant species within the BORAGINACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our BORAGINACEAE family page.
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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Buglossoides arvense Corn gromwell Boraginaceae Buglossoides
Cynoglossum officinale Common hound's tongue Boraginaceae Cynoglossum
Cynoglossum virginianum Wild comfrey Boraginaceae Cynoglossum
Cynoglossum virginianum var. boreale Northern wild comfrey Boraginaceae Cynoglossum
Cynoglossum virginianum var. virginianum Common wild comfrey Boraginaceae Cynoglossum
Echium vulgare Viper's bugloss; Blueweed Boraginaceae Echium
Hackelia virginiana Stickseed Boraginaceae Hackelia
Lappula squarrosa Beggar's lice; Two-rowed stickseed Boraginaceae Lappula
Lithospermum canescens Hoary puccoon Boraginaceae Lithospermum
Lithospermum caroliniense Carolina puccoon Boraginaceae Lithospermum
Lithospermum caroliniense var. croceum Hairy puccoon Boraginaceae Lithospermum
Lithospermum incisum Fringed puccoon; Narrow-leaved puccoon Boraginaceae Lithospermum
Lithospermum latifolium American gromwell Boraginaceae Lithospermum
Lithospermum officinale European gromwell; Common gromwell Boraginaceae Lithospermum
Mertensia virginica Virginia bluebells Boraginaceae Mertensia
Myosotis arvensis Rough forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Myosotis discolor Changing forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Myosotis laxa Small forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Myosotis macrosperma Scorpion grass; Large-seeded forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Myosotis scorpioides Common forget-me-not; True forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Myosotis stricta Small-flowered forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Myosotis verna White forget-me-not Boraginaceae Myosotis
Onosmodium bejariense subsp. hispidissimum Soft-haired marbleseed; Shaggy false gromwell Boraginaceae Onosmodium
Onosmodium molle subsp. hispidissimum Rough marbleseed Boraginaceae Onosmodium
Symphytum officinale Common comfrey Boraginaceae Symphytum
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